A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Thank you!
Hello there :) I entered a writing contest a few months ago and decided to write a poem about this beautiful language as one of my entries. I remembered this forum today and thought you guys might like to read it. Solresol ------------------------------------------- Music. Light. Songs. Color. That'...
I would love that :)
Languages are so much easier for me to pick up when I can talk with others in it. I love Solresol, but it's a bit more challenging to find other speakers :P
Hi there :) I joined this community last year & have since lost motivation to learn Solresol. Recently, I've become interested in it again & want to pursue learning it by both studying *and* conversing in it. Does anyone want to be Solresol "penpals" with me? I'm 18 now & still living in Pennsylvani...
Hi, everyone! :] My name is Aschlynne & I'm 17. I live in Pennsylvania & I'm looking for other learners of Solresol to converse with while I learn it :P I plan to write a fantasy book that incorporates Solresol, once I feel fluent in it.

Hope to talk to you all, soon :P