A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

As Solresol Day is approaching, I feel this is a perfect opportunity to create a Solresol Grammar Guide from scratch. Overtime, the grammar guide will be improved and changed. For now, though, this will be the first step to making an Official Solresol Grammar guide.
Being that "internet" is such a ubiquitous term nowadays, I would think that a more convenient word would be used in favor of the technical term, much the same way English speakers would rather say "net" or "online" or "internet" rather than "world wide web" or "international network." I noticed th...
Rêresi mimisi,remimi famimi milala, la lâfala Sôlresol Solsifâsi sisi faremi milamisi.
Hello!! For those who are new to Sidosi, my name is Misolsi Misido. I am give member of the SIdosi community for the purpose of giving Solresol a reinvigorated style, starting with the Stenography. Today, I would like to give two images as to the new edition of the Solresol Dictionary which will hav...
Same to you!

Also, I happen to own the Solresol Discord server if you are interested in joining! There's still a lot of things to be done but I am glad to be a part of the Solresol community and see Solresol still getting the love it deserves.

Happy Solresol Day!!
About a year ago, I've posted on the thread talking about the extension of Gajewski's Solresol Stenographs/Glyphs.

Now, I have decided to settle on the X's being the stress for all Solresol stenographs. And the crosses being the plurals for the Solresol Stenographs.
I am happy to show the scenario of what happens if Solresol conquered the whole world.

Anyway, there are two versions of the maps labeled in Solresol.

Any feedback is appreciated. :D

Johnwick88 wrote:I will do my best to help out in the Solresol community as much as possible. It is a pleasure to meet you all! Mifado fa sifalare domi miladomi!


Mifado fa sifalare domi, midosolsol!


It is a pleasure to meet you, too!]
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oAeLkSzxGUr8w-jydMcL61gix2kVm1-LWw-KaUfzLEw/edit I am looking for a collaboration about Sirere's beginning. I plan on making a universe that speaks Solresol but I need help on making a world that is based on Solresol and that Solresol is the main language! **EDIT*...
Dofa rere dosolsolla mire sidomi famisol misidofa fa faremi resisido dolasisol solsifasi. Mimisimi lala fasire mido siredola mimifala/midodosol/miredodo. [It has been confirmed that the enemy has what seems to be a futuristic oil rig. Now investigating for further detail.] What do you think? What it...