A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Misisol Doremi lasi Solresol! Happy Solresol Day! Wow. I haven't been on this site in sooooo long, but I happened upon a mention of a Sidosi/Solresol revival on Twitter and wanted to send my best wishes. Glad to see things are still kickin' here and that there's still interest in Solresol. :D Have a...
Simi All!

I came across a documentary called Conlangs, and wanted to share it. Solresol is mentioned as well as a bunch of other cool conlangs. <3 Enjoy! :D
Misisol Doremi lasi Solresol! Happy Solresol Day! I haven't been active - the past year has been crazy for me to say the least - but I still love Solresol and see its greatness. Goal for next year: write Solresol Day wishes fully in Solresol. :) It's a bit nerve-racking to think that far ahead (Augu...
Word of the Day: dofafa - March
Word of the Day: domimi - February
Word of the Day: dorere - January
Word of the Day: fasilado - south, southern

#SolresolReverseWords 8-)
Words of the Day: relasifa - west, western
fasilare - east, eastern
Word of the Day: dolasifa - north, northern
Word of the Day: doresilafa - frog