A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

A lack of preposition is a big problem of Solresol (especially when you try to write in Solresol). So I want to repeat some suggestions and to offer others. In accordance with book called “Theory and Practice of Solresol” (and with other sources), we can easy omit many prepositions, e.g.: Sire resol...
“dore falare falasolsol sire falamî fâsimisol redôdo lasi domidola”.
“faremi domi resôlsifa lasi sôldoredo fasolfâre mifalâla?”
“do! dore faremi sollâfare”.
sôlsidofa sifa miladôla mi resîsol resîdosi. dore famisol sîmilasol lafa. sîmifasi redo mimi faremi redomila misisilâ dôresol sifasôlfa. resîresol. misolsolmi, mimi dolamisol dosimisol domi soldodomî? resîdosi. do, resîresol redo! misolsolmi, domi mimi dolamisi soldodomî. ( sôlsidofa sifa = anecdot...
dore larefare similasi fasol sôlsidofaa simisôlla misisimî la sôlresol.
Группа "Контактика", посвящённая сольресолю:
I have unsubscribed from news of this forum because of SPAM, SPAM, SPAM.
I have unsubscribed from news of this forum because of SPAM, SPAM, SPAM.
I suppose, that many readers can’t understand this text because of strange capitalizations and strokes above. I prefer another form of writing (“spelling”). My propose: doredô — in the time of . Words from mimiredo to mimisolsi describe spatial relations. Maybe we can also use conjunction milalami —...
I suppose, that the poem is understable, but you didn’t give to us, simple workers with many tasks, more time.
dore misiresol, mire la lâfala solsidôla faremi falafa, mimidomi domi do dodo remila doredo dosidôre mido dorre, mifa faremi lla resôlsire sirefâmi lala famisol miresolffa lamilâsol.
I wrote something about this word: