A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

At the concern of shanoxilt, I will slightly restructure the Resources page to give the link to the archived resource if the original resource no longer exists.
Are you aware of this Solresol site? Also, could you contact the owner?
We also need to pester Garrison to update his blog!
I can show you the Lojban location on Second Life, if you'd like. You should do some networking with other constructed language groups.
Dan wrote: Check out the Resources to find 100+ resources about Solresol.
Almost a third of the links are broken or unarchived. We need to find a mirror site or a way to make a downloadable bundle of material.
Hi. I just found out about these forums. As a language enthusiast and would-be musician, I've been interested in Soresol for a while now. Just thought I'd pop in and check things out, maybe stick around for a while. Hello! We thank you for your interest and hope to read or hear you using Solresol i...
Any thoughts, comments, questions, ideas, suggestions?
The spacing needs to be adjusted. The words are too close and the letters are too far apart.
This is just a notice to inform everyone that I'm still watching the progress of this site and the language.
Where could I find a print copy of this book?
I know I took your question probably a bit more literally than you intended, but I don't think many of those people realize we have a stable community here. Please, try to contact all will respond. We can't revive a language without revivalists. On a related note, I've been thinking about posting t...
[cd][cso][cf][cs]! I was guided here by shanoxilt from Reddit, and *had* to jump in and say hi! I'm interested in conlangs of pretty much all kinds, but I have almost no experience whatever with philosophical languages. As a musician and a grapheme-color/pitch-color synaesthete, I pretty much can't...