A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Perhaps we could use a way that English, and more significantly, French, use to create compound words—the hyphen! So instead of misoldola lasol , it would simple be misoldola-lasol . Just a thought. Yes, but how would we represent that in speech, or stenographic style, or musically? We need to have...
This is almost not worth an announcement, but I would like to let everyone know that I've implemented a method to make translating the Sidosi Wiki easier. I have a tangentially related question. Where are all the other Solresol users on the Internet? How can we bring them here to help us? And, wher...
hello shanoxilt. Great idea to start a subreddit, and thanks for posting about my book! You made me realise how little I have discussed my use of solresol and why I chose it as a language of magick... more posts coming soon, I promise. Please, do! It is great to see this place back up and running. ...
I don't know if it is complete, but I will be sharing this with other people! Thank you for your hard work!
Dan wrote:My analysis of Sidosi's status on the goals presented in the aforementioned document (numbered accordingly):
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Just checked the video. Looks very good except for two things: 1) We do need to hear the notes. I couldn't figure out a way to add them. Do you know how? 2) It should also have the hand signing. I agree. How would we convey it? The slide at 0:33 is what I would like to see for a dictionary entry, w...
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Shido wrote:Hmmm... Of course, there are many Esperantists in Russia, sites about conlangs, sometimes publications appear in periodicals (even in children's magazines)... But I don't see conlangers in real life... :)
Neither do I. :(

Also, you need to post more often!
Garrison wrote:Youtube says that video is private... :/
Try it now. I made it public.
Check my previous post. I made a video last night.