A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Garrison wrote:I'd definitely be interested in helping with that.
I have some experience with video editing, though not with the programs on my current computer. Someone else certainly might be better qualified - I could try, though :)
I made a little slide show here. I know it is bad, but it is a start.
I made my post here.
As we all know, Solresol can be written, sung, color coded, numerically coded, or signed. If we wish to promote them all as equally valid, we need a way to make them equally usable. Among Lojban users, there is an important concept called "audiovisual isomorphism". Basically, it advocates a one-to-o...
In some sense you're right, when you say that the accents shouldn't really be required - because in many forms of communication endorsed by Solresol it's simply impossible. For colors, numbers, morse-code-style tapping, etc., meaning must be inferred without the accents. I want to make a post addre...
I've met several Russians in constructed language groups. Are constructed languages popular in Russia?
That was BLEAK. :cry:

Yes. I posted it on the Solresol subreddit. :)
I've actually been looking at the Logical Language Group for ideas,
You should contact their Twitter, Google group, or just send me an e-mail so I can give you one of their addresses.
(Next up: What does the gay pride flag mean in Solresol? )
I know you are joking, but the other day I was seriously considering designing an LGBT Solresol flag.
Does Solresol offer a way to make compound words?