A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

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Please, feel free to begin posting and commenting so we can further discuss and promote our little languge.
But it is very interesting, that you have interest in Volapük. Are you registered to any Volapük Internet-community? Not yet, but I have browsed some of the grammar and dictionaries. I have a general interest in invented languages. I am currently learning Lojban, Esperanto, and Toki Pona. I also pl...
Misolsi Misido wrote: skin page
I would use "redosire" meaning "decorate/ornament" instead of "skin pack".
Phil_Shary wrote:However, I can only dream of writing a paper on SolReSol for a high-profile journal as of now.
I would have mixed feelings about attention from academia. While I would like people to know Solresol is still around, I don't need any more ridicule for my weird hobbies.
I am ambivalent about this proposal. While I think the suggested changes are mostly good ones, I think we need to make it clear to new Solresol students that Solresol 2.0 is a new deviation from Sudre's, Gajewski's, or even Cherpillod's works. I was disheartened to discover that the contemporary Vol...
Zixinus wrote:Why not simply refuse to complicate a language by these labels and instead stick to describing attraction towards beauty, with gender being a secondary detail.
Then what of transgender and non-binary people? Many cultures throughout history, and even today, acknowledge three or more genders.
I have a degree in Linguistics and my thesis was on representations of colors in English and French, so I was sure to include a chapter on SolReSol there to demonstrate the potential of SolReSol. As a linguist, what ideas do you have for Solresol? I know linguists tend to favor descriptivism, but a...
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Solresol is reviving!
I am impressed by your fluency, Shido!