A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Word of the Day: solsiresol - eloquence, eloquent, eloquently
What should we do for the upcoming year?
We really need to make Solresol more relevant again! It truly has lapsed since the days of Sudre.
Sôlmila wrote:I plan to write a fantasy book that incorporates Solresol, once I feel fluent in it.
Be sure to post excerpts here!
How much more money does your project require? I have been considering donating.
Ludmilla wrote: Sorry to bump this thread after 2 years, wanted to give my thoughts on it. :)
No, it is good to have some activity here.
gerardbrown wrote: You can preview the pieces (and read the original texts) here:
Thank you for everything you've done for our little language. :D
Dear SolReSol enthusiasts, I regret to inform you that this IndieGoGo campaign did not reach its goal. Let me thank everybody who showed their interest in the project - every comment, message or donation pledge was very inspiring. Since it was an all-or-nothing funding campaign, no funds were raise...
Doresifado wrote:Seeing as Solresol Day is next week, I figured I'd try to resuscitate this thread. So:

Word of the Day: dosifala - n. tea, teapot :D
Thank you for resuming this!
Welcome to the forum and thank you for learning Solresol!