A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Thank you for your contribution! I'll share it on Reddit now.
Garrison wrote:Maybe "Eff yeah Solresol"?
Should I just change it to "Sidosi"?
Welcome back!

Welcome to our little forum. We hope you enjoy the language and post any examples that you make.
litebobcat wrote:Yeah Sol Re Sol Rocks
Heck, Yeah Sol Re Sol
That's a bit too tame. Does anyone have some other suggestions?
litebobcat wrote:Please change the name.
To what?
a few Youtube slideshows. That's new content right there (by what I meant)! I might try to make some after the holidays have ended. I know you made a post about a Solresol anthem, and I would certainly be willing to help with that once I'm a bit familiar with composing Solresol songs. If we make on...
I think what stunted the Solresol subreddit's growth was an abundance of just links, and no new contributions. To be blunt, there aren't going to be any new contributions. My interest is in providing and distributing the necessary resources for people who want to learn Solresol. I don't have the ti...
Hello, everyone.

I took the liberty of establishing our presence on Tumblr. The blog is called Fuck Yeah, Solresol but it can be changed to be more family-friendly if you like.

I hope this increases interest in our language.
We should also start work on a Solresol anthem.