A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Decal = lâfaremi
Unfortunately, Solresolists hasn’t authoritative speakers or institute (e. g., Solresol Academy). On the other hand, there are many potential five-syllable words, which yet hasn’t certain meaning. We can without doubts use only two affixes. and = re right (opposite of “left”) = relafâfa ; opposite o...
Thank you for the good observation! I didn’t think before, that verb paradigms was so different. Gaewski proposed a very chaotic system, i. e.: D. indique: 1. L'imparfait de l'indicatif, je commençais , dr D sdf , etc. 2. Le plus-que-parfait de l'indicatif, j'avais commencé , dr D sdf , etc. R. indi...
dodo = Past Simple, imparfait, imperfect, passé défini
rere = Past Perfect, plus-que-parfait, pluperfect

Both authors (Sudre and Gajewski) wrote so.
Simi! to be, is = faremi was, were = dodo faremi = D faremi = D frm La sôlsilafa lasi dôredo solrêre simîsol faremi D mi dodo . The mark of Past Simple (time) is D or dodo . La sôlsilafa lasi dôredo solrêre mimilâre faremi R mi rere . The mark of Pluperfect, Plusquamperfect (Past Perfect) (time) is ...
There are some versions of Solresol: variant of Sudre (or his wife), which had complete dictionary (1866), and two variants of Gajewski (1902 was the year of last authorized revision of Solresol). If we want a complete dictionary, we can only use the book of year 1866. According to this book, “but” ...
This is a very interesting film about conlang movement in England with some phrases in Solresol (and these sentences are played!):
Language Lessons (1994)
This movie was demonstrated at the English TV.
For possessive you can use the preposition “lasi”, e. g.:
fadolafa lasi fadofasol (or: fâdolafa lasi fâdofasol).
Fadolafa means “stem”, fadofasol — “tree” (and these roots hasn't verbs).
dôrela solsifâsi solsol faremi misîsol mido sire!
Опубликовал на своей страничке о сольресоле конспект книги 1883 г. "Теория и практика сольресоля" на русском языке. Из-за особенностей системы "Юкоз" выложил книжку не в текстовом виде, а в формате pdf . Эта книга - букварь сольресоля: основную её часть составляют предложения, состоящие из слов, вхо...