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just a little hello

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Hi, i'm Chris from Germany and like to learn solresol. :-)
Hello Chris. Be sure to check out the resources tab up top.
Some links I find notable:
- Translator http://www.sidosi.org/translator
- Dictionary by Sudre https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc ... KcVE#gid=0
- Book on grammar http://mozai.com/writing/not_mine/solresol/sorsoeng.htm
- A blog with some introductory lessons http://solresol.blogspot.com/2012/07/le ... ction.html
fami'si fasoldo wrote:Hi, i'm Chris from Germany and like to learn solresol. :-)
Welcome to our forum and our language! We hope you enjoy it and spread awareness about it.
I have unsubscribed from news of this forum because of SPAM, SPAM, SPAM.
I'm Tyra Noah, am very new here. I was recommended here by a friend who also happens to be a member here.
I'm excited to learn Solresol.

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