A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

simi from Germany

Introduce yourself to the Sidosi community
I am Thomas. I did Esperanto for 18 years. In 2013 I changed to Ido.

Solresol is interesting to me, since it combines some of my favorites: conlang, script in general and shorthand in particular.
Besides, as an a priori-language, Solresol has got a philosophical approach: it reflects "reality" in its own way: the syllables form a picture, which is our perception of reality. Since we regard the world through the glasses of these syllables. Perhaps this creates a reality of its own.

I copied a lot of material on Solresol from different websites. So I have got enough material to study for the next few weeks or so.

Simi Thomas!
I'm glad you joined,it's always good when there's someone else to help out!
Recently we've been struggling with a bit of inactivity, so any ideas or questions that you post will be appreciated!
I'm still learning Solresol myself, and so are quite a few of the other people here, but more people always helps!