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Hello, everyone.

I've been interested in SolReSol for a few years now.

I'm even listed on the Resources page.

And now, I've found this forum.

I've just tried translating my name into SolreSol glyphs, and ended up with this...
... which is interesting enough. I tried applying the standard colours...
... but wasn't particularly pleased. And then I realized with a bit of artistic license, I could get this...
... Which I feel reasonably satisfied with.

At least until somebody here can tell me how I can do it better. Any takers? :)
Simi, Sollasire Resoldore Doredosolre! Redo resisolre faremi Misolsi Misido!
Hello, DataPacRat! My name is Misolsi Misido!
Are you well?
I hope you have the best experience here in the Sidosi community.

P.S. I like how you did your name with the stenograph of Solresol. The picture with the mouse. I want to show you how your name is written in Stenograph Solresol. It's different from the one you did but your picture is still pretty cool! Solsi mido remi doredo re midomisi lalasi misol! (Thanks for your time and have a good night!)