A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Helloooo ^_^

Introduce yourself to the Sidosi community
Helloo, I'm Madeline~

I just earlier stumbled upon the wikipedia page of Solresol through reading about Esperanto (which I've been interested in for a while now). And being a musician I thought it was really fascinating. :o

I think it would be fun to learn to 'speak' some of this language and to play it using a recorder, ocarina, or something like that (I have a random selection of fipple flutes scattered about my desk hehe). And I think it would be even more fun to maybe possibly find people to communicate with through musical sequences! :D

It reminds me a little bit of a personal project I did a few years ago where I used a midi keyboard to type text on my computer by converting the midi note values into keycodes. But I think this is much more interesting than that!

I don't know if I will end up pursuing this significantly... but knowing that there is a community out there certainly motivates me and will increase the likelyhood that I do. I hope I stay interested in this super unique language. ^-^

(By the way, I think the Solresol colors and solfège syllable inputs under the BBCode options is soooo neat!!)
Welcome! It's great to have another musician in the community, though Solresol primarily attracts musicians anyway. Still, though, I'm happy to have found another ocarina player! Although we're pretty inactive, we still have a lot of interesting conversations and resources here, so go crazy learning stuff! Unfortunately, I haven't been and won't be too active in the near future, as I'm currently starting up a business and playing in a touring band, but I always keep an eye on things here. Anyway, welcome again, and I hope you enjoy your adventure into Solresol!
Welcome, Madeline! Be sure to tell others that we still exist.

Solresol is reviving!