A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Simi Again c:

Introduce yourself to the Sidosi community
Hi there :)
I joined this community last year & have since lost motivation to learn Solresol.
Recently, I've become interested in it again & want to pursue learning it by both studying *and* conversing in it.

Does anyone want to be Solresol "penpals" with me? I'm 18 now & still living in Pennsylvania :P
I love conlangs in general, textile crafts, video games, cooking, etc. In other words, I'm sure we can find something we're both into c:

Hopefully I'll find a new Solresol buddy soon! :D
Ayy lmao yes let's practice
I would love that :)
Languages are so much easier for me to pick up when I can talk with others in it. I love Solresol, but it's a bit more challenging to find other speakers :P
Yes I agree! I've never had a pen pal before though /:
Simi, Sôlmila! Redo resisolre faremi Misolsi Misido!
Hello, Sôlmila! My name is Misolsi Misido!

Mifado fa sifalare domi!
Nice to meet you!