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Hello from an artist and amateur linguist

Introduce yourself to the Sidosi community
Hello y'all! I'm a musician and artist who has a wide linguistic background and a fascination with language, and a few months ago I stumbled across Solresol on Wikpedia and was immediately captivated! I'm a Shape Note (Sacred Harp) singer, as my username implies, so a language based on solfege fascinates me, and I find the idiographic nature of the script intriguing.

I have tons of questions and ideas, but I'll do more reading up so I'm not re-treading cliche questions. I'll throw out a few basic ideas though in case anyone has suggestions:

-- I'm interested in making stickers and stencils with Solresol lettering, but at my extremely amatuer stage I don't trust myself to translate anything properly. Would any folks here be interested in corresponding over private messages to translate short and simple phrases for me (I want to keep them hidden from easily-googleable pages to force the curious to do their homework rather than just google the phrases), and I can make a donation to the site in your name as thanks?

-- Big question: is there a reason there are no smartphone apps for studying Solresol? Is it an idea that has been discussed and rejected, or is there an opening for even a newcomer like me, with a background in project management and contacts with app developers, to app-ify existing Solresol learning materials so the language can reach a wider audience of new learners?

Thanks for any input, glad to be here!
Simi, and welcome to Sidosi! (and sorry for the delay in approving your post)

Both ideas can be answered with the fact that many members of the community have different ideas on what exactly Solresol "is". The creator of the language, François Sudre, wrote multiple books on the Solresol, one of which we have a copy. Another great early contributor to Solresol, Boleslas Gajewski, wrote a book about Solresol around the peak of its popularity, but he made several (proposed) additions and changes. This leads to two crowds: people who support Sudre's version and people who support Gajewski's version.

Certainly not helping things is the other fact that all the authoritative Solresol resources are originally in French and have varying accuracies of translation. Sudre's book does not have an English translation (I seem to remember a poorly translated and formatted version, but maybe I'm imagining things), so it's very inaccessible to most of the community. Gajewski's book was the first we got a digital copy of and also the first we got translated into several languages, in fact, so most people refer to Gajewski's version of the language.

On a similar note, the translator on this website uses the Solresol dictionary in Sudre's book translated to English with limited error-checking, so you should not 100% trust the translator to be correct. That fact is why I haven't put much work into the translator lately; it does its job of providing a very rough translation.

So yeah, to summarize, we aren't doing a lot of stuff using Solresol, because the language itself still needs some work to be totally and accurately usable. To kind of give a spoiler, I actually do plan on making an app for Sidosi eventually, but there is a lot of website and language work I want to do before that point. Anyway, welcome to the community!

P.S. If you want more day-to-day conversation, we have a Discord server, La Lasîrela (The Solresol Network).