A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language


Introduce yourself to the Sidosi community


Welcome to our community! The Resources page is a good place to get started, and the translator is good for a quick look-up of a word or words. Once you know your way around, we do have an Esperanto forum if you're interested in contributing there. We also recently launched a wiki that could use some additions. Do as our community name says, learn! :D

P.S. I'm behind the technical stuff of this website, so if you notice anything not working right, PM me or post in the Support forum linked in my signature. I mention this because I just added/changed/fixed a lot of stuff today, and hopefully nothing broke.
doredofa_reladore wrote:        !

I was guided here by shanoxilt from Reddit, and *had* to jump in and say hi! I'm interested in conlangs of pretty much all kinds, but I have almost no experience whatever with philosophical languages. As a musician and a grapheme-color/pitch-color synaesthete, I pretty much can't not love the spirit of Solresol. :D
Welcome! I hope you have a fun time. Be sure to tell others about us.
Fun fact: my nick is a Solresol-ification of my usual nick on the web: "cerebral bleach". I'm obviously not yet very familiar with Solresol, but I'm fluent in English (obviously), and if for some reason the occasion should arise I can get around in Esperanto and Mondlango.
Totally excited that this community exists.
Does anyone here know how names work in Solresol? How do we distinguish them from regular words?
Welcome, doredofa_reladore! I'm glad you decided to come, and that you love the spirit of Solresol too!
I'm really curious about how synesthesia impacts your learning of Solresol - so keep us (or at least me!) updated :D My intuition is that it might actually be harder for you, given that you already have strong associations between colors and pitches... though if they happened to line up that would be awesome and convenient.
But perhaps your familiarity with such things will make it easier to learn and accept, too! Basically: I'm interested, is what I'm saying.