I hope to end the trend of waiting until the end of the year to post this next time, but it's been another challenging year, perhaps more than last. COVID continues to be at the front of the public mind, and although I am lucky that COVID has not affected my close family, I am empathic to my friends and extended family (and really anyone) who have dealt with COVID and other issues this year.

Same old, same old (sort of)

In any case, this will be another short "same as last time" update. I will add that over the past few months, I've been working on getting myself out of the pandemic rut where I can dedicate more time to projects like Sidosi. I do have some in-progress plans to create some community-oriented content before/during the big "Sidosi 2.0" update, so actually expect updates sooner than a year from now! I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year!