It's been a while since I've talked of my work on Sidosi, so I figured I'd do a big write-up summary.

My Recent Absence

As you may have noticed, I've been pretty much completely absent from Sidosi for a few months. Unfortunately, no work has been done behind the scenes either. I've been dealing with major medical situations in my family, which has prevented any significant work. Although the current situation is not in the clear, I hope to at least partially resume work on Sidosi soon.

Building the Community

A few members have mentioned this before, but I think I will start a campaign to really spread the word about Solresol. Many learners of Solresol have their own websites, blogs, and other such resources, but I want to start an effort of reaching out to those potentially interested. A careful line must be established, though, as we don't want to be perceived as spammers (as was initially the case in the promotion of the Solresol subreddit). I think with the establishment of some introductory, almost promotional materials, we can engage a wider audience, and especially attract the international Solresol community.

On a related note, I have also recently come across a large conlang (constructed language) group on Facebook whose leader I talked to, and she is very enthusiastic about spreading the word of Solresol in the group. I will make a post in this group about our community, and I will make a similar post in our forums to welcome visitors from this conlang group.

Sidosi Wiki

Continuing with the topic of building the community, especially the international one, the wiki hasn't really blossomed. I have created a suitable setup for international contributions, but I don't believe it has been used (though admittedly I haven't fully checked). Although a wiki is meant to be a collaborative effort, I think I will begin creating some of the pages on the "To-Do List" as examples. I think having some more examples for contributors to follow will aid in the further development of the wiki. Also, spreading the idea of Solresol will help bring potential contributors, which should also help this issue.

Resource List

Still continuing the topic of expansion, as more Solresol resources are discovered, the Resource List grows. At this point, I believe it's time to further subdivide the Resource List. In the interest of our international community, I will keep the current categories, but I will in some way separate the resources by language. Due to the staggering amount of resources in English in comparison to other languages, I don't believe I will create entirely separate lists for each language. Instead, for each language, I will list resources in that language at the top, followed by resources in other languages. I think this separation will aid international users in finding the appropriate resources for them, while still presenting resources in other languages that they may wish to translate to their own language.


The translator, unfortunately, has been very much neglected by me. As my personal project for our community, I never seem to get much progress made before real life interferes. I will get back to regularly updating the translator with the latest spreadsheet from Garrison et al. However, as I shift focus to building the community, I think the translator will remain a large project that I gradually chip away at. I have been educating myself on natural language processing (NLP), so the translator can eventually become more efficient, accurate, and complete than ever.


Currently the heart of our community, the forums don't have a lot planned for them, as they work quite well in their current state. I do have some smaller additions planned for the convenience of unifying the resources on Sidosi, but like I said, the forums can go relatively unchanged and still work fine for us. The only significant thing in the plans for the forums is to somehow integrate the translator, allowing automatic translation between forms (and even other languages), but the translator needs to work better for that to happen, so the integration won't happen for quite a while.


I don't plan on making this a big thing, but like any other website admin would tell you, it costs money to run a community. The hosting cost for this server is $119.40/year, or $9.95/month, and the domain cost is $9.95/year. For perspective, I also pay $161.32/month for student loans, and I am bringing in less than $100 a month, due to my family's needs coming first. Although my parents do help, I strive to maintain some aspect of independence.

Using a bank account or debit/credit card, you can donate through Paypal to my personal, which is used to fund my hosting and has no minimum. You can also donate through Paypal directly to my hosting account, but my host imposes a $10 minimum. Finally, you can use a U.S. bank account to donate through Dwolla, which has no fees up to $10, and less fees than Paypal for more than $10. If these options do not work for you, contact me privately and we can try to arrange something.

In exchange for your donation, I can only offer my gratitude, as well as a special title signifying you as a donor. You may also take the opportunity to make your ideas or suggestions known. I listen to all ideas of course, but I may be apt to pay special attention to a donor's ideas.


We have come a long way from the pre-Sidosi and even pre-Misolrela times, but I envision a new era for Solresol. With the support of enthusiastic community members, I believe we can finally make that push to achieve a useful level of usability of Solresol, and then really start to have fun with the language! Let's do this! :D