A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Welcome Facebook Conlangers!

Information related to the Sidosi community or the Solresol language
First off, welcome to all those who are visiting or have even joined Sidosi from the Conlangs Facebook group! :D

For Our Guests

As I say in my replies to welcome/introduction posts, feel free to look around! We of course have these forums, which remain relatively active despite our low numbers. They are the central hub for discussion and even development of Solresol, so they are definitely the heart of our community. We also have the large resource list that I compiled from 50 pages of Google results. Once you've read up on Solresol, feel free to make your intuitions available to others by contributing to the wiki. Finally, a personal project of mine, we have a basic word-for-word translator between English and many Solresol forms.

Once you've familiarized yourself with what we offer, you might want to read the State of Sidosi address I just posted, to get an idea of my vision for Sidosi.

For Current Sidosians

Fellow Sidosians (has a ring to it, doesn't it?), as I mentioned in my State of Sidosi address, I recently came across this group while browsing the web for an unrelated matter. I joined this group, and the leader immediately engaged me in a conversation about my conlang experience. I told her about myself, about Solresol, and about Sidosi, and she was very enthusiastic about my promoting Solresol in the group. So I just did. :)
Thank you for reaching out to other groups! Feel free to contact /r/QueerConlangers on Reddit.