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Countdown to 5/25 Solresol Day

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As brought up in this topic, May 25 is a special day for Solresol. As most of us know, it's the date that spells out "Solresol" in the language itself. This may be a bit ambitious, but I am going forward with plans to update stuff every day. I originally planned on wiki updates, since it is quite empty, but I've decided to expand the scope of my updates to other aspects of Sidosi as well! Here is the list to keep track of the daily updates:

5/1: Wiki Software Update
5/2: Contributed a few additions/alterations to the wiki
5/3: Added support for "Code2001", "Code2000", and "GNU Unifont" Unicode fallback fonts

[other days cancelled]

Happy Solresol Day (or whatever we want to call 5/25) Month!

Update (5/24/13): Obviously and unfortunately, I was not able to keep up with updates, due to a medical situation in the family. That family member passed away recently, so I regret that I won't be around for 5/25 Solresol Day, or in the near future. I will post again when I resume work on Sidosi. Thank you for understanding.
Thank you for continuing to promote and preserve Solresol!