We've had a couple of posts in the past that have used special characters from more obscure languages. Specifically, we've had posts about Inuktitut and Shavian. An issue reported in both threads is not being able to view the special characters.

The issue is caused by browsers' sketchy handling of special characters and fallback font selection, not to mention ensuring one has a font installed that supports the characters you wish to view. This issue is especially prevalent in the more obscure Unicode ranges, such as the Shavian or Inuktitut ranges.

For now, I'm going to explicitly set Code2001, Code2000, and GNU Unifont as fallback fonts, which should take care of most issues with special characters until a long-term plan is in place. I've attached them (it's a little hard to find the latest versions), so download/install, and you should be able to see special characters.

NOTE: Unifont is ~15 MB and Code2000 is ~8 MB, which is why I am not utilizing modern auto-downloading font technology.