After many long months of a hellish life, things have finally calmed down enough where I can resume focus on my website work. I can't complain about the actual state of the website, since the activity has remained pretty low, but there were certainly some cobwebs gathering. Anyway, here is a quick look at what I've already done in the last few days, and what my plans are for Sidosi in the near future. Yes, I know this would better belong in my Work Journal, but I figure a big "News and Announcements" post would let everyone know what's going on.

What I've Done
  • Rearranged forums - This may be met with a bit of opposition, but I felt the previous forums were a bit fractured and unclear as to their purpose. We now have Usage forums for discussion of general usage and projects involving Solresol, and we have Linguistic forums for doing the nitty-gritty work on the language itself. I've moved quite a few topics around to fit into these new forums, but all discussions are still present and fully intact.
  • Put resources on separate subdomain - You may not have even noticed this change, but I figured I would explain to avoid potential confusion. Resources are now hosted at This move has a twofold purpose. First, the 1 GB+ of resources has been getting picked up by my lazy backup script, ballooning the size of the backups. Second, this separation will allow me to more easily move the resources over to a CDN once I believe it's needed.
  • Updated forum and wiki software - The forum software recently had a new version released, so I wasn't that far behind on it. However, the wiki software had two security releases as well as a couple of bugfix releases, so it badly needed updating. I did have to make a compromise, though...
  • Removed all but English, Solresol, and Pool wikis - My argument is that the time and effort to integrate wikis for a dozen languages outweighed the (lack of) benefit. We have had very little international activity on the forums, and so I will leave it to our members to decide when we need international wikis as well. If anyone wants to lead work on an international wiki, please make a post in the appropriate international forum stating so, and include a basic to-do list to be placed on the wiki. For now, though, trying to keep that many wikis up-to-date and working properly just wasn't worth the effort.
The Near Future of Sidosi
  • Updated Resource List - There have been quite a few resources revealed since I last updated the list, and I truly hope all of those resources are still around to be archived. Due to the time-sensitive nature of Internet resources, this will be my first priority.
  • Website Design Unity - For this website's entire existence, it has had two designs. The first was the very basic one I threw together for hosting the translator and resources list; the second is the template I chose for the forums. I will finally work to unify the design for a consistent experience across all pages on Sidosi.
  • More Wiki Articles - I realize a wiki is supposed to be a community project, but I feel it just hasn't had enough activity to take off yet. Therefore, I'm going to sink some more time and effort into adding new pages to the wiki, and hopefully shaping it into a resource in its own right.
  • Improved Translator - Yes, this has been my pet project ever since I launched its first incarnation. I really do enjoy meddling in the algorithms of the translator and adding features or making it work better. The sizable roadmap for the translator definitely leaves a lot of potential for this project.
Well, I think that's enough typing for now. I wore myself out working hard on the things I've now accomplished, and planning and typing this post was enough effort itself. I hope to see more of you around as the projects of Sidosi and Solresol in general rise again! :D