I've decided to make this "State of Sidosi" a regular thing, possibly less than a year, since that's quite a while for a small community.

Again with my Absence

Yes, I have beaten my excuses to death, but the fact remains that Solresol and Sidosi are a hobby for me, which means it gets pushed aside at the slightest call of a more significant job/project. I figure I'll get a bit personal and share some of what I've been doing that past year. I've been working with a local college professor on a book she's writing, copy editing and handling the technological side of preparing a book for publishing. I've also been helping my best friend, who teaches music at the same college, with the band he started this school year. Finally, I've joined and made a website for a ska punk band, The Runner Ups, which is quickly picking up momentum. Anyway, that's probably enough about me, so let's talk about Sidosi!

I Dropped the Ball

I realize I've dropped the ball on working on updates in a timely manner, and as one that always keeps an eye on the community, I feel I've partially led to the decline in activity. I understand that other members are probably facing the same time constraints I am, but it is still disheartening to slowly watch activity come to a crawl (no offense to those members who currently post regularly). Anyway, I'll work on scheduling regular time to all of my projects, so even Sidosi can see regular improvements. For now, here's the list of future plans I posted last time (with one addition).

Future Plans for Sidosi (copied from previous update)
  • Updated Resource List - There have been quite a few resources revealed since I last updated the list, and I truly hope all of those resources are still around to be archived. Due to the time-sensitive nature of Internet resources, this will be my first priority.
  • Website Design Unity - For this website's entire existence, it has had two designs. The first was the very basic one I threw together for hosting the translator and resources list; the second is the template I chose for the forums. I will finally work to unify the design for a consistent experience across all pages on Sidosi.
  • More Wiki Articles - I realize a wiki is supposed to be a community project, but I feel it just hasn't had enough activity to take off yet. Therefore, I'm going to sink some more time and effort into adding new pages to the wiki, and hopefully shaping it into a resource in its own right.
  • Improved Translator - Yes, this has been my pet project ever since I launched its first incarnation. I really do enjoy meddling in the algorithms of the translator and adding features or making it work better. The sizable roadmap for the translator definitely leaves a lot of potential for this project.
  • Other Misc. Updates (not in original list) - I believe over time, I have listed several minor updates to do, then promptly forgotten that I mentioned them. I'll look back and try to work on those smaller updates as well. One significant reference is last year's "State of Sidosi".
I Dropped the Ball

I realize there's not a lot to this "State of Sidosi", but many of the topics have been covered before and unfortunately ignored by me. So, let's work together to make this a great year for Solresol and Sidosi! :D