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The State of Sidosi (2020 New Year's Edition)

Posted: January 2nd, 2020, 12:34 am
by Dan
I've missed a couple SoS's, so I figured I'd write one. This one will be short(ish) and sweet, and discuss my general plans for Sidosi this year.

La Lasîrela (Discord server)

In case you don't know, this is not a plan; rather, it's something that's already existed for several years. It was created by Misolsi Misido (same name on the Discord server), a wonderful member of the community who gathered everyone during Sidosi's dark times and made me aware of the problems facing Sidosi. Anyway, it has now become the main hub of communication in the Solresol community, so you should definitely join it (if you don't mind using Discord). I am also an admin on the server, but I still consider it Misolsi Misido's server, and serve in more of an advisory role. Sidosi and La Lasîrela are not under the same umbrella, but consider them sister communities. 😀

Sidosi 2.0

I've mentioned this moniker in updates before, saying that it would essentially be a rewrite of Sidosi from the ground up. The redesign a couple of years ago was meant to be a step in that direction. However, I am still not happy with the redesign. I ran into many difficulties attempting to integrate the various parts of the website in the hope of having a consistent look, so the redesign is still essentially half-finished (or at least not as fleshed out as I wanted). Also, the resource list and translator code make me cringe when I look at them.

So, it is time. This year, I will begin work on "Sidosi 2.0". The initial version will not include everything I've mentioned in past updates; it will essentially be a "New Sidosi 1.0" with basically the same content, but a new structure. New and revised content will be added with time. The new website will not be tightly integrated with the forums (like how the forum login box is in the corner of every page), but instead stand on its own. I believe this will ease the maintenance of both the main website and the forums, and take off the pressure of trying to give everything the exact same look. The forums are also not the activity center they used to be, so perhaps it's time to de-emphasize them (no worries, they're not going away). Finally, the new website will be open source (license to be determined). I will probably maintain the source code on GitHub and accept pull requests from community members. This will help ensure the availability of Sidosi in the future, if the website itself should ever go away for some reason. It will also enable other community members to take an active role in building the premier website for the Solresol community. The forums and wiki won't really change, but the links to them likely will (I will set up automatic redirects).

Anyway, I will post updates as things actually start happening. I hope 2020 is a productive year for Sidosi and the Solresol community, and I hope to see you here on the forums or on La Lasîrela!