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The State of Sidosi (End of 2020 Edition)

Information related to the Sidosi community or the Solresol language
What a year.

My thoughts are with everyone in the community and beyond. This has been a year of global, regional, and personal challenges, and I hope everyone reading this has stayed safe and healthy. There seems to be a collective optimism about moving past the challenges of 2020 and into a renaissance in 2021. I share that optimism for 2021. Not much has been accomplished on my end of Sidosi this year, so this will be a short update, but that is not the case for all of the community!

Sidosi 2.0

There is nothing more to say than was said before, but hopefully without all of the distractions of 2020!

An Addition to the Sidosi Team

I am pleased to announce that nan0s7 is now a moderator on the forums and an administrator on the wiki. Nan is a long-time member of the community, not only being active in discussions, but making several significant contributions to the Solresol community. Nan's contributions include many wiki edits and a modernized Solresol dictionary, with both taking into account historical sources, yet also working toward a modern version of Solresol. We are a pretty tight-knit community already, but when a community member has ambitions like Nan, it is my responsibility as "owner" of Sidosi to give them the power to see their plans to fruition. It feels weird to say "welcome", so instead I will say thank you, Nan, and I can't wait to see everything you have in store for the Solresol community!

In Closing

This year was a bust for me (and I'm sure many others), but I'm optimistic that going into 2021, things will calm down enough for me to focus on Sidosi and finally make it the platform for all things Solresol that I envisioned nine years ago. Others have better kept things moving for Sidosi and the Solresol community in general, and I thank them for that. Hopefully, the next State of Sidosi will be more substantial. Stay safe and healthy!
Hey Dan,

I just wanted to say thanks for keeping this site going and for checking in with messages every now and then. Solresol has been on my mind at several points this year, and I've thought of coming to post something. Hopefully I'll have more gumption in 2021. :)

Cheers to everyone who's contributed to the Solresol community. Solresol really is a beautiful language <3