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Welcome to sidosi.org!

Information related to the Sidosi community or the Solresol language
I am pleased to welcome everyone to sidosi.org! After hosting this website as a subdomain on my personal website for about 5 months, I have broken off Sidosi into its own independent community. Not only do we have a shorter address to remember now :P , but we can stand as our own community, working for the advancement of Solresol.

All links to the previous address should redirect without issues, but I do recommend changing bookmarks and using the new address in the future. I'll keep the redirect as long as I remember, but you never know when I'll forget. :lol:

Our Recent Downtime

Many of you probably realized that Sidosi was down for about a week recently. This was due to some domain issues with danielparson.com (the previous host domain), which have now been resolved. With the addition of Sidosi's own domain, and a backup domain for my own website, I hope we can minimize downtime in the case of future domain issues.

I also seem to have not done well in giving the members of this community an ample number of ways to contact me (my fault), so I have added to my forum profile two email addresses based on separate servers, as well as my Facebook account URL in the unlikely event that all domains are having issues:

Hopefully this issue did not turn away any prospective members, since I've noticed our numbers increasing recently. Thanks for understanding, and solsol midomisi misol doremi! :)
Wow, good work Dan!
Dore solresimi domi!
You're always a step ahead :D