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A Renewed Effort

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With the decrease of activity in the forums, and with my own self-realized lack of effort put into Sidosi, I've decided it's time... to go all out! :D

My schooling is now complete, and it's summer, so I have plenty of time on my hands! I plan on first revisiting all that I've mentioned in my work journal, then moving forward with other ideas that have been mentioned in the year or so that this community has been around (counting the Google Group). I admit I've slacked on my actual study of Solresol, so I also plan to take some time to start really learning and using Solresol. I certainly don't want this community to go the route of previous sites, so it's time for a renewed effort! :D :D :D
Good idea, Dan!
I'm finishing up school next week; I've also been planning on reinstating my work on Solresol this summer. I'll look forward to working on it with you! :D
Yeah, poor Sidosi needs some love :( And the next Solresol Day is just around the corner! :o It's too bad; last year, I thought we'd have enough Solresolers by now to have some sort of meeting, in some part of the country to celebrate International Solresol Day. But we're all kind of spread out and still a small group. Well, maybe I'll make a cake with Solresol colors and take a picture of it. 8-)

In other news, I started working on a Solresol translation of a pop song. I think I'm going to have trouble with a few words, but I'll post it when I have most of it done and we can talk it out. ;)