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My Official Official Return!

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I kind of lied a bit in my Work Journal, but now I'm back for sure! :D

Due to my out-of-state trip, and a nasty cold that I had about a week after my trip, I didn't have much time to spend on here, because I was busy keeping up with schoolwork. However, now I've gotten better, and most importantly, caught up on schoolwork! 8-)

Anyway, I've spent the last couple of days working hard on the translator, and I'm pleased to say that it's now equipped to handle any number of Solresol forms! As an example, I've added Abbreviated Solresol and Number Solresol translation to/from English, and Color Solresol translation from English. With this addition, the translator also supports translation between the different supported forms of Solresol (e.g. Number to Color).

Speaking of which, the most significant update to the translator is automatic input detection! That means you no longer have to choose a "From" language; the translator automatically detects the language/form. Also, translation is now done word-by-word, so you can input a series of words in a mix of English or any supported form of Solresol, and have it all translated into English or a particular form.

Finally, I added automatic updating to the listings of News and Discussions on the front page of the website, so you can see new activity at a glance.

Enjoy the new features! :mrgreen:

Return again! The site needs you! :D
I haven't forgotten this place! The last few days, I've been organizing all the sites I host on this server (which is why you might have caught this site being down for a few minutes if you were lucky). I just reached a development milestone on another site I'm doing, so now I have some time I can work on Sidosi! :D

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to all in advance!