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Sidosi/Solresol in Second Life!

Information related to the Sidosi community or the Solresol language
I'm pleased to announce Solresol's first presence in the online virtual world, Second Life. For those of you who do not know, Second Life is a virtual world with 30 million residents that allows residents to create and customize the virtual world around them. It's difficult to explain all of Second Life, so just research if you're interested (here's a good, though outdated, intro video). I am frequently on Second Life, and noticed through a search that there was no sign whatsoever of Solresol. I've now changed that, and created a Solresol group, with possibly more to come in-world. Everyone is welcome to join the group, and if you're not a resident of Second Life, sign up if you're so inclined.

Second Life "Solresol" Group
I can show you the Lojban location on Second Life, if you'd like. You should do some networking with other constructed language groups.