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Solresol Day 2012

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MiSiSol SolReSol DoReMi

Happy Solresol Day! :D

As I hinted in the Solresol Day topic, I have an update for the Sidosi community, so let's get to it!

The Solresol Resource Archive project has been completed (though updates will continue)!

All current resources listed on the Resources page have been archived. Well, besides ones that would be difficult to archive, such as the Quizlet page and the online translator. Unfortunately, as I discovered on June 2, some resources disappeared before I could get them archived. Through the power of Internet archives and caches, I was able to save some, but currently 4 resources are assumed to be lost forever. If anyone comes across a copy of any missing resources, PLEASE contact me in any manner! On a side note, I haven't gotten to putting the authors and dates for every resource, so I'll keep working on that aspect.

No Translator Update?

Unfortunately, I ran into some mysterious issues when it came to moving the translator updates from the development site to this site, so no update today. :( I need to refactor the translator code anyway (it's very messy), so I'll use this as an excuse to get on that, and then worry about functionality updates.

Updates Galore! ...in the future...

If you've kept up on my work journal, you'll know that I've had a few things sitting in "to do" for quite a while. Well, with a major milestone reached (preserving nearly all the known Solresol resources), I can now take a breather and work on the minor stuff.

With a growing community and an increasing number of resources, I hope by next Solresol Day, people no longer talk about Solresol revival; they talk about how uncool non-speakers are. :P Let's do it! :D
Happy Solresol Day, Everyone! Misisol Doremi lasi Solresol! 8-)

I can't believe the site's already (over) a year old! I just want to say "thanks," Dan, for all your great work, what with making this site, collecting resources and helping Solresol have a place to take root on the internet. And thanks, Garr, for all your work on the translator, promoting Solresol and helping tease out the finer points of Solresol's grammar. :D And thanks to all the others who're a part of making Sidosi a community - Travis, Solmisolre, Avinty-lan, Empha, Niuzealand, La-misol, Collin N., Siremisol, Taytanchik, Shanoxilt and all the Google group members yet to register :) - and giving some life to Solresol. The internet seems almost magical sometimes. And although he's not registered on the site, I want to send my thanks to Greg Baker as well, because his site was the main site for Solresol materials back in the "old days" before Sidosi :), and he's the one who put me in touch with Travis. Oh, and thanks to Andrew for the pdf of the dictionary. ^^

Anyway, here's to many more years for Sidosi.org and much more Solresol being spoken (and written)! \o/
Well said, both of you!
Happy Solresol day!
It really is amazing where we've come from, and where I hope we're going - you guys have all made this such a fun thing to work on :D I hope Dan's right, and by next Solresol day we're no longer 'reviving' Solresol, but rather enjoying using and learning a vibrant language.
Having this community really makes it worth it. In some ways, I love how small we are, how it feels like you know of everyone here - but I can't wait to see it expand and go so much further.
I'm excited for whatever updates you come up with, Dan :) This site is amazing.
And happy soresol day to you all! (a little late I know). I just registered a minute ago. And to be honest, I had never heard about Solresol before today. I read about it in an article on io9.com and and fell head over heals for it right away. It's such an amazing language and I see so much potential in it already. Hope to learn it quickly and to have lots of interesting conversations in solresol here on sidosi.

Hey, pazeex! That's awesome, I'm glad you found us! It's awesome to see our community growing quickly. Do you think you could link to that article? I'd like to see it.

Welcome to the Sidosi, and a late happy Solresol Day to you too!
Hey Garrison!
Tank you! I'm glad to be here! Sure, here is the link! http://io9.com/5935563/the-strange-ques ... d-language
wow -- things are cranking up around here. First all the updates, then a reddit group, and now an io9 article. Very cool. solmidola
I know after Solresol Day, I got right back to working on stuff, but I just want to thank all of you, the awesome members of this community, for all of your contributions.

The history of Solresol goes back to its roots; Sidosi wouldn't exist without its members or Misolrela, Misolrela wouldn't exist without its members and whatever inspired Garrison and M O to create it, and so on. The best thing we can do is honor the person without which none of us would be in any Solresol community — François Sudre! :)