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Call for Opinion: Forums vs. Wiki Talk Pages

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I have supported and am happy with the presence of a wiki here on Sidosi. However, there is an issue present that, until now, I have publicly ignored, but privately weighed in my mind. I cannot come to a conclusion, though, so I need your help!

The wiki enables not only content pages editable by the (registered) general public, but also so-called Talk Pages. These talk pages are intended to serve as a user commentary on each content page, with issues being brought up and resolved within them, without distracting from the actual content. With the forums already present and actively used, my issue is: to what level should the wiki talk pages be used? Should only technical issues be explored in the wiki, and leave language issues to the forums? Should talk pages not be used at all, and instead a Wiki forum be created for addressing wiki issues (this comes at the price of requiring wiki users to register on the forums to discuss)?

This is a decision I cannot figure out on my own, and I'd love to hear others' ideas!
In my opinion, we should use the wiki talk pages for technical issues in the wiki (formatting, accuracy, etc.), and we should keep the decisive or in-depth language discussion to the forums.
Mostly, I think that because the forums are easier to check on. If I disappear for a month, it's easy for me to browse the forums and see what progress the language has made, whereas my impression of the wiki talk pages is that I would have to seek out the information specifically, and might not know that it's there... (This might not be true - I don't know a ton about the wiki talk pages.)

But it seems like the forums are the best place for language discussion, regardless. And I think a wiki forum section might end up getting cluttered with minor issues. And, as you said, then a wiki editor wouldn't technically have to register on the forum.
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