The Sidosi Wiki is currently offline for the overhaul I've previously explained. The wiki might occasionally be accessible by manually navigating to the URL, but it cannot be edited, and I would discourage it anyway, as you may start getting errors as I mess with stuff. In addition, the forums and translator might experience some brief downtime, as I'll be moving the each system's data to separate databases.

I will edit this post and post a new announcement when the process is complete (like I said before, it's pretty involved).

First Stage Complete: Databases separated; everything still intact. Next part is the big one—reorganizing the wiki setup.

Second stage Complete: New wiki setup "complete". It took a bit of time, but ended up being easier than I expected. Last thing is configuring the new setup, which is taking quite a bit of time. I've re-enabled the current wiki for now. The very last thing will be moving that wiki to its new location and setup.

Edit (Nov 4, 2012): Oops, I just realized I never put the Wiki navigation links back in, even though I said the wiki was back open for now. Well, I guess that doesn't matter too much, because now the wiki actually is closed for the move to the new location.

Edit (Evening of Nov 4, 2012): Done!