After my initial attempt at making the wiki international-friendly, I realized that my method was a mere hack, rather than a robust system for supporting the creation of translated wiki pages.

I have now re-organized the wiki into 13 separate wikis, one for each language, plus an extra for hosting all media uploads. Everything has been transferred from the old wiki, and put into the English wiki.

The new/changed features:
  • All the wikis support single sign-on, so you only have to login to one wiki, and then you can do stuff on all the wikis! Same for user accounts, so those already registered automatically exist on all the wikis!
  • Along the same lines, users share settings across all wikis, so you can browse/edit every wiki with your preferred settings, such as interface language.
  • I will put this in the wiki help, but instead of the language template I made for the original wiki, there will now be an easier way to make known all translations of a page.
  • A "pool" wiki, dedicated to all image/audio/video uploads, to make it easier to share media between languages.
The only casualty of this transition was two uploaded pictures, but since I was the uploader, it wasn't a big loss.

Right now, let me know if you discover any bugs. There shouldn't be anything acting that differently from before, unless I already stated it above. Enjoy the new wikis! :D