I'll keep this quick and to the point:
  1. Post in the relevant forum. Posting in the correct forum keeps things organized for our members. Please read the forum descriptions to determine where a post belongs.
  2. Respect others. Remember this is a international community.
  3. Respect the actions of administrators and moderators. They're here to make the community better.
  4. Obey the law. This website falls under U.S. law. Pornography, warez, scams, viruses, hacks, and unauthorized copyrighted material are not allowed.
  5. Post in the appropriate language. Speakers of a particular language should post in their international forum, or request a forum for their language. Solresol is permitted in all forums.
  6. Post in a mature manner. Posts that are extremely long and irrelevant, contain several smilies or images in a row, or use BBCode excessively are not allowed.
  7. Post only relevant links. Links in posts must be relevant to the topic. Links in profiles or signatures may be to any website, subject to these Community Guidelines (no links to warez, virus, hacking, etc. sites).
  8. Use common sense. I'm generally forgiving of mistakes people make. However, depending on the nature and frequency of guideline violations, I may warn, temporarily ban, or permanently ban any account.