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[Invalid] Translator issue

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Translator issue (http://sidosi.danielparson.com/translator/t)

Going from Solresol to English type in "Solredola", which should translate to "trumpet", but it says translation not found. Same for the other way (typing in "trumpet").
It works for me.
  • Did you make sure to set the "From" and "To" languages appropriately?
  • Also, if there were any non-letters around the word (including a line break), the translator doesn't handle that stuff yet. For now, remove any punctuation before submitting it, but punctuation handling is next on the list.
  • Finally, does it still not work? I was doing some work on the translator earlier, which may have temporarily broken it, but I don't remember still working on it at that time.
Oh, I see. Yes, it was a line break after the word. Thanks :)

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Reason: Issue resolved!