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[Resolved] Test of colors and music notes

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This is a test post of all color and music note BBCodes, since they don't seem to be appearing in the actual posts... [This issue has since been fixed]

DoReMiFaSolLaSiDo DoReMiFaSolLaSiDo
Great job, Dan! It looks awesome. I can't believe you figured out how to put music notes in here :D
Also keep it up on everything else, it's all very nice :) I like the new stuff on the front page as well.
Oops, I meant to delete this when I was done, but oh well, I guess I'll keep it around now!

The stuff on the front page is only half-baked right now, but will be a LOT nicer with the upcoming design change (copying the forum design) and update to the Resources page. I just thought it'd make the front page look nicer and more active nonetheless.