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[Resolved] SPAM and how to fight it

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Dear Solresol enthusiasts,

Recently there has been an influx of spam here and this is literally killing the board.
I have reached out to Dan, volunteering to become a moderator who would clean the board from spam at least on a daily basis, but received no reply.

I really wouldn't like to see the site fade into oblivion and I hope that Dan or somebody capable of moderating the board see this post.

Contact the Bibliotheca Anonymous. They've already helped us with some of it.


They preserve dead and dying websites.
That's a good idea especially because archive.org doesn't have a full copy of sidosi, but I still hope the site doesn't need to be archived.
I have created an HTML mirror, including the forum, if sidosi should become defunct (I hope it doesn't come to that) but it's a read-only copy since I don't have the original mysql database.
Here it is: http://sharyphil.com/sidosi/www.sidosi.org/