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[Resolved] Warnings/Errors on Posting

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When I posted my latest entry in my Work Journal, I saw a quick flash of warnings or errors at the top of the page, before I was redirected to my new post. From what I saw, it appears to be related to the Board Watch feature, but I can't fix it if I don't know what's wrong. :( If anyone sees and can do a quick Select All, Copy, and Paste, feel free to post it here or message me.

Edit: Figured out the problem. It's because I don't have the Board Watch files copied to all languages, and a member has their language set to Spanish, so it shows a warning when it can't find those files. I'll get on it, since this means that member's probably getting garbled emails.

Edit 2 (8/28/12): I failed at actually fixing this in a timely manner. :oops: I will definitely fix it soon, for the above reasons.
Testing to see if the warnings still appear... (sorry for the board watch spam)
Testing to see if I fixed a problem that came up... (sorry for the board watch spam)

Edit: Looks good, so I'll mark this as resolved.