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My Djinn Project and Sidosi

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Hi guys!
I see people are still in the early stages of using Sidosi in their projects.
Hope, we'll all be better.
I've created something like this(Footages are from my game):

Watch the video carefully. It's short, but, the explanation will be a bit bigger.

To be honest, I don't know how many meaningful messages my video gives to the listeners or how effectful it is..
However, I prefer using notes considering Sidosi dictionary instead of using some random notes.
I should also pay attention to the instruments that I use to control people's feelings.

If you have watched the video above, you've probably noticed that I use flute instrument on the start with black screen.
It supposed to make the people "ahhh :( how desperate am I", so, making a ground for despair. Unquestionably, for that scene, black screen provides somethings that can make that scene's message more powerful.
Then we see the rocks in the air.(I won't explain all the meaning out there, it's gonna be a big article :shock: ).
In short, it's the hell, there are cinders around flying up, nothing good is there. While seeing this, we'll hear "MiMi LaSi ReDo". That means "Future of mine". This was the message most of you already got: "Oh, look at my future". This is the feeling I wanted the people to feel.
Then a close up shot comes, with a hell scene which is barely visible. At that time we hear "MiMi" notes again. It emphasizes the "future" message more. "That's my future, mine! :o ". Something like this... And, we hear something like "Ahhh". It does the same thing, emphasizes the "Ahhhhh, no, this is my future" message more. And a bad feelingly shot more, a building(in this case a school[I won't explain the story as already I said]).
Then, everything is cut suddenly, and a "Shhhh" sound with "Djinn will light your way" text(Note that, everywhere's black but that texts is shining).
Since it's started, we're trying to get the people into the despair. But, at the end, a relaxing sound we heard with a relaxing text that makes us feel safe. Says "Djinn will light your way" then the screen turns white. Everything'll be bright.

I did not want to make this article bigger than this. That's why I did not write about why I chose piano and etc.
Please, let me know your ideas. Fix my errors, suggest better ideas :)
I absolutely love this!! Like... this has to be one of the first proper uses of Solresol in an auditory way that isn't obvious. It's incredibly beautiful.

I'd love to see more Solresol in your game, and heck, you should really look into making more short clips that are musically-focused as your trailer/teaser is! The tones you chose and everything is just super well done.

Can't wait to see what you do from here! Also, not sure if you're already a part of it, but I'd love to chat with you in the Discord server sometime! We need more people with creativity flowing through their veins!

Solsi domi!
I'm impressed. Watched the video a few times and noticed something new every time.