I translated the Torah into the language of music by substituting letters for notes open Glazerson rabbi. Here is the beginning of the Torah in the notes. Can decrypt them using solresol.
Explanation of the first two words
"In the beginning created"-
"your other or your not "

Starting Torah
Can be decrypted on
1 1 1 D1A3C1B3E2 D1A3C1 C1G2G1E2A2 C1 G1B3A2E2A2 A1C1 G1C1A3F3
1 1 2 A1G1C1A3F3 G1E2G1 G1A1 A1D1G1A1 A1C2B3F2 D3G2 E3B2E2 G1A1A2 A1A3A1C2 C1G2G1E2A2 A2A3C2E3 D3G2 E3B2E2 G1A2E2A2
1 1 3 A1E2C1A2A3 C1G2G1E2A2 E2G1E2 C1A1A3 A1E2G1E2 C1A1A3
1 1 4 A1E2A3C1 C1G2G1E2A2 C1 G1C1A1A3 F2E2 D2A1D1 A1E2D1F1G2 C1G2G1E2A2 D1E2B2 G1C1A1A3 A1D1E2B2 G1C2B3F2
1 1 5 A1E2G3A3C1 C1G2G1E2A2 G2C1A1A3 E2A1A2 A1G2C2B3F2 G3A3C1 G2E2G2G1 A1E2G1E2 D3A3D1 A1E2G1E2 D1G3A3 E2A1A2 C1C2F1
1 1 6 A1E2C1A2A3 C1G2G1E2A2 E2G1E2 A3G3E2D3 D1A1F2 G1A2E2A2 A1E2G1E2 A2D1F1E2G2 D1E2B2 A2E2A2 G2A2E2A2
1 1 7 A1E2D3B3 C1G2G1E2A2 C1 G1A3G3E2D3 A1E2D1F1G2 D1E2B2 G1A2E2A2 C1B3A3 A2C2 G2A3G3E2D3 A1D1E2B2 G1A2E2A2 C1B3A3 A2D3G2
1 1 7 G2A3G3E2D3 A1E2G1E2 F2B2
1 1 8 A1E2G3A3C1 C1G2G1E2A2 G2A3G3E2D3 B3A2E2A2 A1E2G1E2 D3A3D1 A1E2G1E2 D1G3A3 E2A1A2 B3B2E2
1 1 9 A1E2C1A2A3 C1G2G1E2A2 E2G3A1A1 G1A2E2A2 A2C2 G1B3A2E2A2 C1G2 A2G3A1A2 C1C2F1 A1A3C1G1 G1E2D1B3G1 A1E2G1E2 F2B2
1 1 01 A1E2G3A3C1 C1G2G1E2A2 G2E2D1B3G1 C1A3F3 A1G2A2G3A1G1 G1A2E2A2 G3A3C1 E2A2E2A2 A1E2A3C1 C1G2G1E2A2 F2E2 D2A1D1
1 1 11 A1E2C1A2A3 C1G2G1E2A2 F1B3C1 G1C1A3F3 F1B3C1 D3B3D1 A2B1A3E2D3 B1A3D3 D3F3 E3A3E2 D3B3G1 E3A3E2 G2A2E2B2A1 C1B3A3 B1A3D3A1
1 1 11 D1A1 D3G2 G1C1A3F3 A1E2G1E2 F2B2
1 1 21 A1A1F3C1 G1C1A3F3 F1B3C1 D3B3D1 A2B1A3E2D3 B1A3D3 G2A2E2B2G1A1 A1D3F3 D3B3G1 E3A3E2 C1B3A3 B1A3D3A1 D1A1 G2A2E2B2G1A1 A1E2A3C1
1 1 21 C1G2G1E2A2 F2E2 D2A1D1
1 1 31 A1E2G1E2 D3A3D1 A1E2G1E2 D1G3A3 E2A1A2 B3G2E2B3E2
1 1 41 A1E2C1A2A3 C1G2G1E2A2 E2G1E2 A2C1A3 D1A3G3E2D3 G1B3A2E2A2 G2G1D1F1E2G2 D1E2B2 G1E2A1A2 A1D1E2B2 G1G2E2G2G1 A1G1E2A1 G2C1
1 1 41 A1G2A2A1D3F1E2A2 A1G2E2A2E2A2 A1B3B2E2A2
1 1 51 A1G1E2A1 G2A2C1A1A3 D1A3G3E2D3 G1B3A2E2A2 G2G1C1E2A3 D3G2 G1C1A3F3 A1E2G1E2 F2B2
1 1 61 A1E2D3B3 C1G2G1E2A2 C1 B3B2E2 G1A2C1A3 G1E1F1G2E2A2 C1 G1A2C1A1A3 G1E1F1G2 G2A2A2B3G2 G1E2A1A2 A1C1 G1A2C1A1A3 G1G3D2B2
1 1 61 G2A2A2B3G2 G1G2E2G2G1 A1C1 G1F2A1F2D1E2A2
1 1 71 A1E2B2 C1A2 C1G2G1E2A2 D1A3G3E2D3 G1B3A2E2A2 G2G1C1E2A3 D3G2 G1C1A3F3

Here is the whole Torah in notes
It has long had the idea to translate the Torah into the music and was finally able to do so. So I can show it. It is necessary to install the program. http://ottyg.narod.ru/MIDIPl.rar Download the archive and extract the root of drive C. There are 2 program files and database (the Torah was translated into musical notes). further Next, in windsurfing press "Start" then "Run ..." In the window that opens, type the command This opens a black window. It typed the following commands:


cd c:\

midipl base.txt 100

(Of course, after each team need to press Enter) Instead of 100 you can enter any number from 1 to 127. They are just different tools It should work. It's very beautiful!

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