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Stenograph/Note/Text Renderer

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Okay, so I wrote another web-based utility. This one renders stenographs, notes, and a color sequence onto an image. I was inspired A LOT by this image from the forums: download/file.php?id=5&mode=view And I tried to make it really similar to that.

You can access it here on my google drive: https://19f16305f9d12552d855f158571a31a ... ender.html

You just type in the solfège/numbers in the left, and it renders it in real time on the right. :D And if you would like to download the image, just click on it.

I hope it might end up being useful to someone. If you have any suggestions/corrections/comments, let me know! ^-^


This is wonderful! Is there any way to download the program for offline use? A lot of Solresol links have been disappearing from the web! :(
Oh! I'm glad you like it! Yeah, you should be able to right click on the page itself and choose save as, or download, whatever it is for your browser. It's a self sufficient html file, so it should be perfectly usable offline.
Bad news: The Solresol Text Renderer has been destroyed. I have encountered an error everytime I try to get on the renderer.
Thought I'd update this for everyone interested to easily find it. I found an archived version of the Google drive folder used to host the text renderer.

https://web.archive.org/web/20160203183 ... ender.html

To make sure this is never lost again, you can go to that link, right click on the page, and click "Save Page As...", saving it somewhere to your computer. This also means you're able to use the renderer offline. I hope someone here finds it useful. :)

EDIT: The great Madeline has given us a proper version, which I have put on my Solresol Github repository for anyone to download: https://github.com/nan0s7/conlanging/bl ... derer.html