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Translating Rumi

Projects using Solresol. Issues in translation may be discussed, but issues inherent to the language should be taken to one of the Linguistic Discussion forums.
Ok! I've worked on the sound, and am waiting on a few more elements to scan and add for more layers. The sound clip is of a phone call I had with an old classmate, where he was explaining the Incompleteness Theorem in mathematics.

Its super experimental, and will continue to be so, so apologies if that's not your thing. It's a good exercise for me on translating feeling to film.

Why I chose these items for the film:
This project began mainly because I wanted to talk to my dad. He passed away not too long ago, and this poem is the one I read at his funeral. I translated it as best as I could into Solresol, though I'm sure it's not perfect. I'm waiting for a friend from another state to mail me some old blueprints that my dad drew (he was an electrician), to subtly add to the background for more "meat." An old professor told me there needed to be more connection between the visuals and the sound, especially for people who have no idea what Solresol is.

It's on Vimeo, but it's private so you need a password: "doremi"

Any and all feedback is welcome! It's been a while since I've made a film, and nothing so experimental in years!
Thank you for your hard work!

One criticism: why is it password protected?