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Projects using Solresol. Issues in translation may be discussed, but issues inherent to the language should be taken to one of the Linguistic Discussion forums.
I will post from time to time about a project I am starting...I've been asked to do an exhibit at a gallery in New Jersey and I'm planning a piece that makes use of Solresol to translate specific literary passages about times of day to make a kind of clock (the short compositions will play at the hours the text describes)...

Here is the first chime sequence (for midnight):

DoRe DoMiReSi La ReLaMiSi La SiDoSiDo LaSi La LaLaSi

I'm calling the project "The Hours" and would love to be able to get some help from other translators who are interested in contributing...

Thanks for your interest -
Looks interesting - I think that it's in the sphere of art where SolReSol really shines compared to other constructed languages. What do you need help with?
An update:

I am trying to get 24 passages translated and I have now got seven sketches for six of the hours of the day. A great help has been The Guardian's 'Literary Clock' http://www.theguardian.com/books/table/ ... CMP=twt_gu, which crowdsourced references to times of day in English literature...

So, I offer a peak at how things are going...I set up a Soundcloud page and made a play list of the first sketches...I appreciate any feedback and hope you enjoy the work so far. https://soundcloud.com/gerardfbrown/sets/the-hours

I can see I am going to need to do some serious catching up on grammar, and thank those who contribute to that forum...

I'm pleased to announce that I have finished the 24 translations of writing about times of day that comprise my planned project, "The Hours". I am now working with another artist to program the 'clock' to play the compositions at the appropriate times of day. This will be a central piece in my upcoming exhibit at Rowan University Gallery in spring, 2015.
You can preview the pieces (and read the original texts) here:
I appreciate your thoughts...
gerardbrown wrote: You can preview the pieces (and read the original texts) here:
Thank you for everything you've done for our little language. :D
Hi All,
A late reminder that "Chromography: Writing with Color" is now on view at Rowan University Art Gallery.
Here is a link to some information...http://www.rowan.edu/artgallery/about.cfm
There is a reception tomorrow night, April 9, at the gallery from 5-8pm. The show remains on view through May 2. I hope you get a chance to see it.
I want to thank all those who have contributed to pages on grammar and the Solresol translator. I realize that my translations are spectacularly rough and a-grammatical, but I really appreciated the opportunity to explore this fascinating idea for a language...
Could you tell us more of your thoughts concerning Solresol and its role in your work?