A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

La Sirere Fasolfare decals!

Projects using Solresol. Issues in translation may be discussed, but issues inherent to the language should be taken to one of the Linguistic Discussion forums.

I'm working on getting the Solresol language in the game called Sky Rouge, an indie Ace Combat game, with these decals. I have already made two decals, Fasolfare (three versions are made) and Sirere. Tell me what do you think of them. Solsi domi!


Thank you so much for including Solresol in your game! Please, tell other game developers to consider Solresol for their projects as well.
If you want to know the game, I will put the video. I was simply making a mod that will make the use of the Sternographic form of Solresol. Either way thank you for your support, Shanoxilt. The developer of this game is Nihilocrat. I will let you know when I am able to show it to the public. And again, thanks for your support, Shanoxilt.
Another thing, can someone say 'Decal' in Solresol? Solsi domi!
Ok, I managed to show it to the public so if you want to look at the skin page and tell me what I did good or what I need to fix, I will most certainly do that. Solsi domi!
Decal = lâfaremi
Misolsi Misido wrote: skin page
I would use "redosire" meaning "decorate/ornament" instead of "skin pack".
Thanks Shido for letting me know what decal means in Solresol and I fixed the title, Shanoxilt.