A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Solresol (poem)

Projects using Solresol. Issues in translation may be discussed, but issues inherent to the language should be taken to one of the Linguistic Discussion forums.
Hello there :) I entered a writing contest a few months ago and decided to write a poem about this beautiful language as one of my entries. I remembered this forum today and thought you guys might like to read it.

Music. Light. Songs. Color.
That's what we use to speak to each other.
Discordant music fills our town,
Yet we're delighted by the sound.
Reds.Oranges. Yellows, greens, blues.
Our words are identified by their hues.
Whistles carry across the air
Subtle secrets hidden there.
We understand them, though you may not.
Flags are waved to express our thought.
The child waving across the street
Is inviting her friend to come and eat.
We speak through handsigns, young and old.
A language known, but never told.
No person here is deemed unable,
Whether mute, or blind, or somehow disabled.
Father Sudre is long passed away,
His creation demoted, cast off, thrown away.
His people forbade it to be practiced at all.
But then we came, took it on, and answered his call.
We adopted his songs, his handsigns, his color.
And passed it around amongst one another.
We spoke as he taught it, able and free.
His reward for revealing how language could be.
Not held back by cripples any longer,
We then taught ourselves, growing smarter and stronger.
Silent voices mingled with sound,
We use trumpets to toss them around.
With harps and pipes, we can express everything.
Though paint is provided to those who can't sing.
We love our language along with each other.
We're not just people, we're united as brothers.
A common language suits us all.
May Solresol flourish and never fall.
Thank you!