A compilation of information about Solresol, the universal musical language

Solresol-English Dictionary (2017/2018 Edition)

Projects using Solresol. Issues in translation may be discussed, but issues inherent to the language should be taken to one of the Linguistic Discussion forums.

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For those who are new to Sidosi, my name is Misolsi Misido. I am give member of the SIdosi community for the purpose of giving Solresol a reinvigorated style, starting with the Stenography. Today, I would like to give two images as to the new edition of the Solresol Dictionary which will have the English translation. Please consider this as a sneek peak/teaser!! Thank you for your time and have a wonderful Christmas. Misi!! <3
Solresol-English Dictionary [Cover].png
Solresol-English Cover
Solresol-English Dictionary [One-Note].png
Solresol One-Note with English Definition