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Hello everyone!

I have started a project where I want to complete Solresol in color translation by making some new rules.
First I wanted to invent the color black for word stressing. Also I know that we have been using white to separate the words, but there should be rule for that too.
However, I am doing that because I want to make Solresol color translation into art. My idea is to translate some poem or some text in colors using Solresol and then give these colors to artist who can paint them in beautiful painting. But I will invent some rules, so that everyone who knows solresol can read painting!
For example, they way to read a painting will be from left to right, also artists should use only these 7 rainbow colors plus black and white (as I explained before).
Have you already translated some really short poem which you want to see in painting? I am trying to figure out which poem should I translate..If You have any ideas about my project, please let me know!

Thank You!
Good luck with your project! Here are some translation sketches for you to think about...
http://hypercriticalwriting.blogspot.co ... tches.html
i am a art painter,
i would like to use a short poem in solresol or solresolish english.
in the same task, i will learn a bit of solresol.
thanks in advance!! :D
Good luck...look forward to seeing what you produce...
I've translated a Rumi poem, and it turned out fairly well. What about a Maya Angelou poem? Or Robert Frost?
I'd like to make an observation about translating poetry - because Solresol is really good at revealing patterns (repeating melodies or color patterns) it may be worth choosing literature that is based on a clear structure with built in repetitions, meter and rhyme (though a two syllable word in English or French isn't necessarily a two not word in Solresol...). At least in working with a structure (as opoosed to a work in more modern free verse) you get to see something new about the nature of the poem revealed by the act of translation...it's an interesting way to use the language...
Thank you all for your help and answers.
Im working hard on this.
Unfourtunately I dont know the language so well, so i am asking for more help.
Can you please help me to translate this : "Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body."
Thank you,
Is this ok? Please correct me, if im wrong somewhere.

Color provokes a psychic vibration. Color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body.

Laredore (or solladola?) miresido domisoolla soolfasimi. Laredore dolafado (or resoldofa?) domisolre mimidomi sifamifa soldo dofasolsi, mire fasolfa mimiresi sire dosilado lasi la doredomi.

Thank You!
Some relevant and clear translation sketches shared above.I will be making a short poem :D

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