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Solresol Day 2013 \o/

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Misisol Doremi lasi Solresol! Happy Solresol Day, everybody!

I guess it's kind of confusing since we have two holidays (5/25 and 8/15), so we should probably come up with two separate names... Maybe today could be "Sudre Day" since it's his birthday. Then again, it is the first date we started referring to as "Solresol Day," so maybe we could come up with a different name for 5/25. Like "Forms of Solresol Day" or just "5/25" or maybe one of you guys can come up with a better name. (My creative juices aren't exactly flowing at the moment.) :D

Anyway, thanks for all your help with the site and the language. And for helping create and participating in the Sidosi community. Hopefully, Sidosi will continue to grow in the coming year and Solresol will develop further and gain more speakers. Cheers!
Thank you for keeping the forum active!